Authentic Leadership


We've identified 100 key factors and steps to help you determine
the Matrix of your Authenticity as a Leader.

This program is designed to assist you in evaluating yourself in order to lead more effectively, while creating a culture that generates Engagement, Innovation and Fierce Loyalty in order to drive down costs, lift up profits and allow you to be a more fulfilled leader.


  • A Authentic Leadership in Action
  • B Culture
  • C Purpose & Leadership Development
  • D Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • E Communication & Conflict Resolution

The matrix will determine which of the five areas is your weakness. Then, you will get periodic emails helping you to improve in all five domains of the authentic leadership matrix.

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Improve Loyalty and Revenue

Authentic leadership or gold... Yes, I am actually comparing Authentic Leadership in value to gold for businesses. There is no doubt that authentic leaders create long-lasting relationships with their followers, which results in improved engagement, loyalty, productivity and effective business operations. It's important to give yourself credit because it takes sincere courage to stop, be alone and ask yourself the questions that will likely make you uncomfortable in order to find your true authenticity. This ebook will help you understand and practice authentic leadership.

"Purpose is one of those words thrown around. Dov takes the importance of it to a whole new level. I hit this place in my business where I just wasn't sure about where I wanted to go. Dov's techniques took me down a great path that has heightened my awareness of what I do, and why I do it." Ian Garlic,
CEO & Host of the Garlic Marketing Show

"I recommend Dov baron's expertise permanently. Upon receipt of one of Mr. Baron's books, I was floored at how much thought and effort he put into one of his books. Dov is far more perceptive (than I think he would ever readily admit) into human nature and human potential. I more than recommend Dov as a speaker. I recommend him as a human." Candace Carson,
Founder & CEO of The Intelligentsia Agency, Inc.

Leadership and loyalty


Leadership and Loyalty for Fortune 500 Executives, Family Businesses, Leadership Expert, Business, Management, Human Resources, Millennial Generation Leaders

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With Dov's consulting program clients experience a significant increase in both business and profit.

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